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Arlette vzw wants to raise awareness, motivate and inspire (future) parents and organisations to make sustainable and ecological choices regarding parenthood, pregnancy, birth and babies in Brussels.

Arlette supports the Brussels Babyteks

A Babytheque is an accessible lending service for baby stuff: a library for stuff that a baby needs or that parents use during the first year after birth: baby bath, crib, cosleeper, sling,… Anyone can go there to borrow or try out baby stuff.

In autumn 2020, Babytheek was selected by Bruzz as the charity for the annual Brussels Helps campaign. The campaign raised 56,774 euros, enabling 5 new Babyteks to start up in Brussels. Under the impulse of Brussel Helpt, the non-profit organisation Arlette was created in 2020.

Arlette exists today thanks to the volunteers, enthusiasm and goodwill of many people. We are looking for financial resources to develop our activities. Our dream is to have a Babytek in every community in Brussels. Arlette wants to contribute in a social and inclusive way to the capital in transition, where use is encouraged rather than ownership. Help us make our dream come true. More information via

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